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Skin Prik City Tattoo Studio or shop located in Fayetteville, North Carolina offers a safe, clean, fun environment in which to be tattooed. Whether you're here to get your first tattoo or to add to your collection of custom tattoos, the artists at Skin Prik City have the skills and experience to give you that special piece of tattoo artwork. You can bring us your ideas or if you would like a custom piece done you can always pop in to discuss ideas and pricing options.

We have award winning artists whose work has been featured in industry magazines, such and Tattoo Magazine, Prick Magazine, Tattoo Society and Urban Ink. You can view out artists individual pages by clicking the link above and selecting an artist. Our Tattoo studio or shop services include Piercing and Permanent make up.

Henna tattoos are being utilized as a bargain for a few folks of youngsters who need genuine tattoos. In the event that your youngster needs a henna tattoo, they won't hurt her. Converse with your teenager and set the points of confinement.

Tattoos speaks more than a picture, it reveals who you are. We comprehend the significance of a tattoo for you, so our staff handles every tattoo session with the most extreme consideration. Our Tattoo Shop in fayetteville is comprised of eminent tattoo specialists.

Piercings - Our staff handles your piercing with the most extreme consideration and accuracy, all the way. We utilize the latest equipments and best in class, cleanliness methodology to give you the best piercings in North Carolina.

Location: Skin Prik City Tattoo studio - Fayetteville, NC

5439 Yadkin Rd #118
Fayetteville, NC 28303

Contact Info:

Skin Prik city

Phone: 910-867-2726
Website: Visit Website
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